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Integrated Technology Solutions for Home and Business

We’ve come a long way since the early days, when we provided security services and became known as "Eastek Security".

Since then we have diversified into integrated digital technology solutions for home and business, and now offer a whole raft of products and services. Eastek is the only company in Hawke’s Bay dedicated to technology integration.
“Integration” is the word these days and this is where we really come into our own – we can bundle control of these products together so you are not juggling remotes and cluttering your walls with multiple switches. And what’s more, while installing into new homes and offices is a piece of cake, we can come up with a solution for existing situations just as well.
And we promise not to confuse you with “tech-speak”! Our team will assess your needs, come up with a range of solutions with extremely competitive pricing, and then explain it all in easy-to-understand language. In fact we can demonstrate most of our products in our new Hastings showroom so you’ll get a hands-on feel for how it all works.
Click on the screens below to view our videos: